Unleashing the Power of Google Tag Manager’s Server Side Functionality

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has become an essential tool for web analytics professionals, allowing you to track and manage website performance with ease. But did you know that GTM’s server side functionality can enhance your web analytics capabilities even further? Here’s everything you need to know about server side tagging and how it can benefit your web analytics efforts:

What is server side tagging?

Server side tagging is the process of sending data directly to the server, instead of passing it through the user’s browser. This allows you to track important website data that can’t be tracked with traditional client-side tracking methods. With server side tagging, you can track user interactions, website performance, and other key metrics without relying on cookies or third-party scripts.

What are the benefits of server side tagging?

Server side tagging offers several benefits for web analytics professionals, including:

  • Better data accuracy: Since server side tagging doesn’t rely on cookies or client-side tracking, it can provide more accurate and reliable data.
  • Improved website performance: Server side tagging can reduce the number of third-party scripts on your website, which can improve website performance and speed.
  • Enhanced data privacy: Server side tagging can help you comply with data privacy regulations, as it doesn’t rely on cookies or third-party scripts that can compromise user data.

How can you implement server side tagging with GTM?

To implement server side tagging with GTM, you’ll need to use a server container. A server container is a separate container that runs on a server, and sends data directly to the server. You’ll also need to modify your website code to accommodate server side tagging, and ensure that your server is configured to receive and process the data.

As a web analytics professional, you know the importance of accurate and reliable data. By using Google Tag Manager’s server side functionality, you can enhance your web analytics capabilities and track key website metrics with ease. With the benefits of improved data accuracy, website performance, and data privacy, server side tagging is a must-have tool for any web analytics expert.

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